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Our Story

A Life of Balance

Sara Schnurpel is a Master Herbalist, Holistic health practitioner, wellness mentor, spiritual adviser, teacher, minister, and energy healer. Sara has had a fascination with herbs since she was a young girl. At the age of 29, she was diagnosed with cancer of the cervix and uterus and they removed both. At 32 she lost an ovary to a tumor. She started studying holistic medicine as a hobby and started diving into it as a passion and a career.  She has had the honor of studying under her mentor Reverend Sheila Seppi who is the founder of Spiritway Wellness in Avon Colorado for over 10 years. She has received her Reiki 1, Reiki 2, Advanced Reiki, Tibetan Reiki, and Full Spectrum Healing certificates. Along with her Herbalist certification, TBM certification, EQHT certification, and Reflexology Certification. She moved from Colorado to Flagstaff in 2013 and has continued to build her knowledge in her holistic and spiritual path. She is currently located at the beautiful base of Mount Elden in lovely Flagstaff Arizona.